Year 6 – Monday 17th January

Morning Challenge:

Complete this week’s retrieval quiz

Retrieval Quiz



This week, we are going to be looking at different scenes from the play.

What do you remember about the beginning of the play? What happened?

How did Miranda and Prospero come to the island?

What caused the shipwreck?

What do you remember about the ship that came to the island?

Today, we are going to focus on the people that are on the ship.

Have a look at the information and pictures below to find out.


Choose one of the characters and create a role on the wall for them. You can draw a role on the wall yourself or use the one below.

Role on the wall



What does the word adverb mean?

Have a look through the PowerPoint below:


Now complete this sheet:


What is an adverbial phrase?

Have a look through the PowerPoint and complete the tasks.

Adverbial phrases






This week, we will be learning about units of measure. Complete the lesson at the link below:



Today’s question is:

What was life like for the ordinary person?  

Can you remember how the Ancient Kingdom of Benin started? How did the groups come together?

Look at this week’s vocabulary:

Barter – to exchange good for other goods or services without using money

Guild – a group of people who work together for their common good

Trade – the buying and selling of goods


Have a look at the following statements and decide which ones you think are most likely to be true. Give reasons for your choices.


Citizens of the kingdom of Benin lived on rainforest land that was cleared

Rainforests supply spices, raffia and ivory from elephants

Trade was an important part of life in Benin

The Ogiso took the profit from trade

Craftsmen made goods from brass and ivory

There is a story about an Ogiso who wore a crown of Cowrie shells

Story tellers told people stories about their history

Guilds were created to ensure the high quality of goods.

Foreign traders recorded evidence that trade would cease if goods were stolen.


Now read the following text:

11 Year 6 History Lesson 3 Reading Spring 1 Benin AD900-1300 Updated for 2020-21

Were you correct?

Write an explanation about what you have learnt.



Today’s question is:

What were the significant events in Moses’s life? 


Can you remember what has happened so far in Moses’s life?

Have a look at this week’s vocabulary:

Watch the following clips to learn the next part of the story:



Now look at another piece of vocabulary:

Trust – to trust someone, or something, is to believe that they are good or truthful or reliable.

Write a summary of Moses’s life so far.


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