Year 6 – Friday 21st January 2022

Morning Challenge:

Start the day with some independent reading.



This week, we have been looking at the scene between Miranda and Ferdinand. Have another look at the scene:

MIRANDA       Alas, now, pray you,

Work not so hard: I would the lightning had

Burnt up those logs that you are enjoin’d to pile!

Pray, set it down and rest you: when this burns,

‘Twill weep for having wearied you. My father

Is hard at study; pray now, rest yourself;

He’s safe for these three hours.


FERDINAND    O most dear mistress,

The sun will set before I shall discharge

What I must strive to do.


MIRANDA       If you’ll sit down,

I’ll bear your logs the while: pray, give me that;

I’ll carry it to the pile.


FERDINAND    No, precious creature;

I had rather crack my sinews, break my back,

Than you should such dishonour undergo,

While I sit lazy by.


MIRANDA       It would become me

As well as it does you: and I should do it

With much more ease; for my good will is to it,

And yours it is against.


Write a summary of what is happening in this scene.



Look again at the scene between Ferdinand and Miranda. Write a diary entry from each of them showing their different viewpoints about the scene.





This week, we are learning how to convert units of measure. Complete the lesson at the link below:



Complete the Spanish lesson below:



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