Year 6 – Friday 14th January

Morning Challenge:

Complete the time table activity below:

Times tables



Have a look at the different pictures of Ariel from different performances of The Tempest.


What is the same about all of the Ariels? What is different?

What is your first impression of Ariel? Why?

Now have a read through the information that we learn about Ariel

Ariel info

Has this changed your impression in any way? Why?

What new information have you learnt?



Have a look at the following scene which has Prospero and Ariel in:

Ariel scene


What do you think it means?

What is happening?

Who has the power?

Re-write the scene into a story showing what is happening.





Our final work on percentages is to be able to find percentages of amounts.

Complete the lesson below to learn how to do this:



Today’s question is:

How are living things classified?

What can you remember about MRS NERG?

How can we tell if something is classed as living?

Look at the following pictures, which show living things?

Now look at the vocabulary:


All living things can be classified into wide groups called kingdoms. 3 of these kingdoms are called:

  • The Animal Kingdom
  • The Plant Kingdom
  • The Fungus Kingdom


Can you think of any examples that fit any of these kingdoms?

Watch the video below to learn more about the Fungus Kingdom:

Read the following text:

8 Year 6 Science Classification of Living Things Spring 1 Classification UPDATED FOR 2021-2022


Now write answers to the following questions:

  • What is the animal kingdom?
  • What is the plant kingdom?
  • What is the fungus kingdom?
  • What is a microorganism?


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