Reception’s learning 24th May

Well we have had a very busy week here in Reception, we have been learning all about London.

To start off our topic we learned some new vocabulary – we had a lot of words this week but the children have coped very well with them. These were the words of the week:

Multicultural – when there are lots of people who are different – they might look different, speak different languages, have different religions – we thought about it and decided that both our classes are multicultural and that that is a VERY GOOD thing!

Capital city – A country’s main city, usually it’s biggest, London is our capital city.

Urban – a place with lots of houses, lots of buildings, lots of cars, trains and people, very different to the countryside.

Habitat – the place where something – an animal or plant – lives, this place has everything that the animal or plant needs to live.

Parliament – the place where people make important decisions for the country and the people.

Magnificent – something really special, that looks amazing and is usually big, we decided that Buckingham Palace is magnificent.

Towering – something that is very tall – taller than the other things around it – we looked at some of London’s towering buildings like the Shard.

In maths we continued learning about doubling and halving – this week the children got to cut up some food into halves and share it with a partner, they did really well and everyone got half a cup cake! not everyone ate half a slice of cucumber though!

We talked about the Queen and how she has been the Queen for nearly 70 years, we discussed history being what has happened a long time ago. We showed the children some photographs of London in the past and now, I have attached the link here for a very clever website that shows the same places then and now:

Here are some pictures of the famous places we have talked about this week – see if your child can tell you what they are called and if they remember anything about them.



Next week is half term and we return to school on Monday the 7th June, we wish you all a lovely week off and look forward to seeing you all back then,


Best wishes from the Reception Team



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