Reception’s Learning w/c 7th June

It’s been lovely to be back at school, especially as we have been able to use all of the outdoor space this week, which the children love.  We have an author, Adam Guillian visiting us on Monday so in preparation for this we have been story tellers and authors this week.  The words that the children have learnt this week are:

Author – a person who writes books

Storyteller – a person who tells stories without reading it from a book

Traditional Tale – a story that has been told for a long long time

Setting – the place that a story takes place in

Character – a person or animal or plant or other being who the book is about

Plot – the beginning, middle and end of a story

We have been reading and retelling traditional tales and the children wrote the story of The Three Little Pigs.  They have all thought of a character for their own story that they will be telling and writing next week.

In maths this week we have been learning about odd and even numbers – see if they can remember the difference, and also what they need to do to double or half a number.

You should have all received this term’s newsletter – please do read it as there is some important information regarding sun safety and wearing a hat, applying sunscreen before school and bringing a water bottle in.


We hope that the children all report that they have had a good week and look forward to seeing you back on Monday.

Kind regards


The Reception Team


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