Reception’s Learning week commencing 15th March

This week has been all about Bog Babies! We read (several times as the children loved it) the wonderful story of the Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis.

To understand the story we had to of course learn our vocabulary first – this week’s new words were –

pond – area of water where animals and insects live.

squelch – the noise your shoes make when you get stuck in mud.

escape – when you need to get away from somewhere.

habitat – the place where animals and insects live – this place has to have all the things that you need to keep you alive. This will be depending on what you are!

The children have been busy during independent learning painting and making bog babies.

In literacy we have been writing about Bog Babies –

And in maths we have spent the week subitising (knowing how many there are without counting) and learning about the compostition of teen numbers (11-19) – ask your children what a teen number is made of – for example for 17 they should tell you it is a 10 and a 7.

We have had a busy week and the children have really enjoyed their learning, we hope that they will enjoy telling you all about it – try asking them some questions – ask them to tell you the stroy of the Bog Baby, ask what a habitat is – we think they will impress you!




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