Reception Learning week commencing 17th May

It’s been another busy week in Reception and our learning has focussed on a fabulous Julia Donaldson book – Jack and the Flum Flum Tree.  The children have loved acting the story out with their class and in our role play area which this week was a sailing boat.  Please do ask them about the story.  Here is the author reading the book.

Hopefully they will tell you about the new words they used too –

crew – a group of people who work on a boat or other vehicle
bulgy – when something, like a bag, is really full up
nimble – when a person can move or climb very quickly
heave and haul – when you have to pull something really hard

We looked at what it was like to be on a sandy island or by the seaside and how that was different and the same to living in Northampton.  Next week we will be learning about London and comparing that to Northampton too.

In maths we re-capped on the names and properties of shapes and we learnt how to halve things.  This is when we share between 2 and both people get exactly the same amount.  Maybe you could get some items and ask your child to half then with you?

Please do try to read at home with your child; the children who read a few times in the week at home are, by far, making the most progress at school.

Thank you for your support

The Reception Team





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