Year 5- Wednesday 25th November

Hi everyone,

In school we’re continuing work on factors from today.

So you can have a look at this revision from last term-


We’re looking at organising information into paragraphs.

Can you take these facts and decide how you would organise them.

shark facts

Can you add a subheading to each paragraph?



Have look at the slide and compare the 2 Northamptons

weds pm

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  • 25th November 2020 at 1:07 pm

    The great white shark is one of the largest sharks in the world. Young great whites eat fish,rays and other sharks. They have around 3,000 teeth (although these can fall out and are constantly replaced.Adults eat larger prey including sealions, small whales, otters and sea turtles. Great white sharks give birth to live babies. Baby sharks immediatly swim away from their mother and begin to fend for themselves. Great whites have 5 gills slits wich enable to shark to breathe oxygen as it swims through the water. The sharks are steamlined and have dorsal and petoral fins which make it an excellent swimmer. Only the underside of the shark is actually white; it’s top is grey. This is useful for hunting it’s prey.
    Great white have more senses than humans. Their sense of smell is the main way they find their prey-they can smell a single drop of blood in a bath full of water. They can also sense electrical discharges and changes in water movment to find prey. The great white is the special of shark wich will swim to the surface and poke it’s head out of the water. Alarge meal can feed a shark for up to 2 months. There teeth are up to 7 1/2 centimetres long. In autumn female great whites migrate to wamer regions to give birth.

    • 25th November 2020 at 4:48 pm

      Well done Brooke. You’ve sorted into 2 paragraphs. What would be your subheadings though?
      In your first paragraph you have told me about size, young, teeth, diet, swimming and body shape.
      Ideally these would all go in separate paragraphs with their own sub-heading.
      Can you have another look?


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