Reception Closure – Information for parents and carers on how we will support your child’s learning at home.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Unfortunately as you now know we have had to send our bubble home due to a positive case of Covid19, we hoped this day would not come, however, we have been preparing for it for some time to ensure that your child will not miss out on their learning whilst they are not able to attend school in person. You will soon receive a letter advising you how long your child will have to remain at home.

The children have all left with a pack of resources to support their learning at home.  If your child was not at school this morning you will be able to arrange to come and collect your child’s pack from school.

The packs comprise:

Letter formation sheets using the Kinetic Letters jingles – please only practise the taught sounds s, a, t, i, m, n, o, p, b, c, g, h, d, f,  v, e.

A phonics booklet – please do not complete this all as we will advise which pages to do everyday.

Number formation sheet to practice correctly forming numbers.

Copies of Numicon that you can cut out and use to order, add together or find number bonds.

A number track to 10 so that the children can count up and down and find one more and one less.

In addition to the pack we will be providing teaching and learning activities online everyday. Please log into where you will find:

A 30 minute phonics lesson

A 20 minute maths lesson/activity

A link to a reading book on Oxford Owls website. you will need to sign up here, it’s FREE

Two adult led activities for you to do with your child

A story to listen to

You can contact us via the e-mail, on Tapestry or by commenting on this blog.  We expect to have contact with you everyday to ensure that you are supporting your child’s home learning and so that we can support you to do this.


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