Year 5- Tuesday 5th October

Good morning!


Reread the text from yesterday on slide 1, practise the vocab on slide 2 and then try the inference questions on slide 3.

mill girl week 4

For writing we are going to start looking at persuasive texts-  texts which try to persuade someone to do something.

Look at the checklist and the text below and see if you can see any of the persuasive features in the text.




Watch the video again from yesterday

Then try this…


Work through the powerpoint learning about the conditions of the workers during the Industrial revolution

3 Year 5 History Powerpoint Autumn Term 1 Unit The Industrial Revolution Updated for 2021-22

Then read this text

9 Year 5 History Resource Autumn 1 The Industrial Revolution Updated for 2021-22

Now write a diary entry as a factory worker describing your day.  How do you feel about your job?  What are working and living conditions like for you?

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