One thought on “Reading – Friday 24th September

  • 24th September 2021 at 9:39 am

    Scholar is a person who is good at learning
    Slovenly is someone who is careless
    Flinch is a quick nervous movement

    1. Eliza was sitting on a bench
    2. The teacher spoke to Eliza because she was a bit slovenly
    3. Eliza hasn’t got her pennies
    4. Eliza promised to bring her pennies in the morning

    Scarcely is hardly ever

    1. Emmy didn’t care she was leaving school
    2. They we’re leaving school because there was no money to spare
    3. Their mother told them they were leaving school
    4. Eliza didn’t look at her parents because she didn’t want them to see how much she minded

    Eager is strongly wanting to do or have something
    Awhile means for a short time
    Blackened means something black or dark

    1. Emmy pulled Eliza’s hand because she tried to Hurry her
    2. Emmy was eager to go to school to tell her friends
    3. Eliza looked at the brick wall that was blackened
    4. Eliza sat at the front bench
    5. Eliza left the broken chalk on the floor


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