Year 5- Tuesday 21st November



mill girl monday- tuesday

Reread the text and vocab from yesterday.

Now try to answer the questions on slide 3.


Yesterday we learnt about expanded noun phrases.  Have a look at the last picture on the powerpoint,

it shows a Victorian school- like Eliza would have gone to.  Can you write me a paragraph describing the school-  try to use at least 3 expanded noun phrases.




Watch the video, pause as much as you need to work out the answers.

Now try this.



3 Year 5 Science Powerpoint Autumn Term 2 Earth and Space UPDATED FOR 2021-2022

Work through lesson 2 on the powerpoint-  and watch the video clip all about the Earth’s rotation.

Remember the Earth moves (rotates) the Sun stays still.

Can you record what you have learnt with a diagram, model or piece of writing?

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  • 22nd September 2021 at 2:17 pm

    1. Five thousand four hundred and two
    2. 3485 – 3000 = 485
    3. 8439 + 10 = 8449
    4. 4539 + 200 = 4739
    5. 36,847 thirty six thousand eight hundred and forty seven
    6. The tens will change and the answer will be 36,877
    The hundreds will change you will have to exchange and the answer will be 37,147
    7. 49,000 + 532 = 49,532
    58,001 + 500 = 58,501
    12,000 + 2,000 + 600 + 70 = 14,670
    5+ 660 + 70,000 + 10,000 = 80,665
    8. 44,000 and 47,500

  • 22nd September 2021 at 3:23 pm

    1. The number 31,342 is represented
    The number thirty one thousand ,three hundred and forty two is represented
    1b. Teddy made the number 31, 362
    2. 18,591
    Eighteen thousand five hundred and ninety one
    2b. 20,601

  • 22nd September 2021 at 3:26 pm

    I will do history and science tomorrow and the other work for tomorrow

  • 23rd September 2021 at 1:14 pm

    Invertebrate = an animal with no backbone
    Key = is the set of question each (with 2 possible answers) helps identify something
    Canines = they are pointed dagger like teeth found in omnivores and carnivores used for tearing meat
    Carpal = a female part or flower that contains eggs
    Pitch = a measure of how high or low a sound is
    Sphere = a 3D shape (the shape of a globe or football)
    Spherical = having the shape of a sphere
    Disc = a flat 2D circular shape
    Horizon = the line at which Earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet
    Circumnavigate = completely travel around the globe (usually with associated sea travel)

    1. Aeroplanes regularly fly right around the world and have never seen the edge of Earth
    2. Photographs of Earth have been taken from outer space no matter where around the earth the pictures have been taken they always show a circular Earth
    3. Aristotle (384 to 322 BC) believe that the Earth was a sphere: he realised that if the Earth was flat then you would be able to see the whole of a ship is getting smaller as it moves further away.
    4. Sailors have circumnavigated (gone all the way round) the world if Earth was flat then they would have eventually reached the edge… and falling off !
    5. If the Earth was flat that people would have seen the same constellation (group of of stars) wherever they were. However this is clearly not the case: people in the Northern Hemisphere in a completely different set of constellations to the South Hemisphere.
    6. Observations of Shadows of curved edges cast by the Earth on the moon during the lunar eclipses have been used as evidence that the Earth is spherical.
    7. The ancient Greeks wrote about the traders sailing around Africa who found about that the sun is not above them but to their right. If the Earth was flat the sun should be above.
    1. The ancient Chinese believe the Earth was flat Square surrounded by oval shaped heaven they based this is on their beliefs that there was a heaven positions above the Earth.
    2. From ancient time many people have believed that the Earth was a flat disc because of what it looks like to them
    3. Some people believe that sailors only think they have have gone around the world because of the route they have travelled. Sailors simply traveled around the continents.
    LESSON 2
    We have day and night because the day and night are due to the rotating on its axis.
    . Images taken from space of the Earth always appear Circular no matter what part of Earth is photographed.
    . Constellations of stars appear differently depending where on earth a person that is standing.

    Rotate = to turn around a point or axis
    Rotation = the action of turning around a point or axis
    Axis = an imaginary line around which and object rotates

    Night means when you go to sleep.
    Daytime is when you wake up and try get energy for the rest of the day.
    The hours of lightness and darkness I different throughout the year because in winter night time is longer and in summer day time is longer


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