Pre-school Home Learning Monday 1st March

Good morning everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you get up to anything special and exciting? Maybe you could talk to us on the zoom register today about what you did. Here is the link for the zoom register which is at 11am today.

Here is the days of the Week song for you to sing a long to at home.

Home Learning


Today children we are going to learn something really special. We are going to learn the makaton signs for each animal in the story. Mrs Webb really enjoyed learning these, we hope you do too! The first video is Mrs Webb doing the signs and then underneath is a video of the whole story with signing too. Enjoy having a go and remember to upload any videos of you doing the signs. We cannot wait to see.


Mrs Whitestone has a game of show me for you to play. All you need for this maths activity is your fingers!

Speech and Language

Hopefully, you have watched the video and joined in with Dear Zoo. Now Mrs Webb is here with some questions about the story.

  1. Can you name 3 animals we met in the story Dear Zoo.
  2. Which animal was sent back to the zoo because they were scary?
  3. Which animal was sent back to the zoo because they were too jumpy?
  4. Which animal was sent back to the zoo because they were too grumpy?
  5. Which animal did they decide to keep because it was perfect?
  6. Which animal would you keep from the zoo and why? Mrs Webb would love the zoo to send her an elephant because they are her favourite animal.


Mrs Allen would like you to use your imagination today. You could draw either a pet you would like such as a dog or a cat or you could draw an imaginary pet such as an alien pet. Have a look at the imaginary pet Mrs Allen has made. You could draw it or use different boxes to create your imaginary pet. Good luck and remember to post up your pictures on Tapestry.

Story Time

Here is the story Dear Zoo being read again. This time by Mrs Webb. Enjoy!

Well done everyone! It has been a busy Monday. We hope you have enjoyed completing the activities on the blog today. Keep up the hard work!! We are very proud of you.

The Preschool Team

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