Pre-school Home Learning Thursday 4th March

Hello everyone,

How are you all today? What is the weather like? Yesterday was Wednesday, can you tell me what today is? Do you remember what topic we are learning about this week?

Here is the link for the 11am zoom registration:

Home Learning


Can you guess what is in the cup, listen to the sound the object makes. Can you tell the adult with you what you think it is?


Mrs Whitestone is here with some maths. Today she would like to think about the quantities of things. She has got some zoo animals and which ones she has the most of and which she has the fewest of. At the beginning of the video Mrs Whitestone explains what more and fewer means if you’re not sure.

Speech and Language

Today, it is World Book Day. For World Book Day Mrs Crane, Mrs Webb and Mrs Allen are talking about their favourite books. Have you got a favourite book? Can you tell us why it is your favourite book, using a full sentence? We look forward to seeing what your favourite stories are!

Physical Development and Understanding the World.

To continue with our jungle animal theme Mrs Henderson is going to show you some exercises to get you to balance and move like some of these animals and birds.

First of all…can you recognise all the animals that you are going to pretend to be?  See how many you know and tell your grown up.

Flamingo                                      Giraffe                             Lion


Penguin                                                  Lizard


Hippopotamus                                          Monkey                                                          Elephant


Bear                                                                    Crab                                                 Cheetah


Lizard                                                     Alligator                                                      Snake



Story Time

Mrs Szabo is back again with another story. Can you guess what zoo animal it is about? It is black and white and usually lives in cold areas.

Have a wonderful day everybody!

The Pre-School Team

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