Reception Home Learning Monday 1st March

Hello everyone! Well, it is Monday again AND it is the last week of home learning. That’s right, next week we will all be back in school together. We cannot wait to see you all in person.

Now that we are getting closer to being back in school, here are some reminders:

  • Please please remember to send your child into school on Monday with their phonics folder containing thier board, pen (understandably some of these will have run out and do not need to be returned) and rubber – this is the most important thing to remember as we need them to be able to continue teaching phonics in school.
  • Please return the dice, number track and part-part whole laminated sheet in the large plastic home learning wallets but feel free to keep the other resources.
  • Please remember to book a hot dinner for your children – unless they are having a packed lunch.
  • Packed lunches need to be healthy and balanced – a sandwich or wrap, a piece of fruit, a yoghurt and a biscuit is plenty of food for a child in Reception, often children have so much food they struggle to eat it. No sweets and chocolate bars.
  • Please send in any work that your child has been doing at home as we will stick it into their books when they return to school.
  • Tuesday is PE day, the children should come into school wearing their PE kit, if it is cold, of course they can wear their jumpers and leggings/joggers.
  • Additional Snack The council provide a fruit snack everyday free of charge, but we ask for £1 per week to provide the children with an additional snack to have during our ‘Snack and Chat’ sessions.
  • Thank you

Remember Mrs O’Hagan’s message from last week!

We have another exciting day of jobs planned for you. But let’s start off the day as we always do; with some phonics!

Phonics A

This week in phonics we will be learning another two letters one sound. We will be learning on of the spelling of the /ai/ sound! Phonics is becoming more and more exciting as the weeks go on!

Phonics B

Last week you learnt the two letters one sound ll, ff, ss and zz. This week we have another one for you, ck.

Phonics C


This week we have taken pictures of some books for you to read. Each group has two books. Please click on the link below to take you to the appropriate page.


First let us have a look at this weeks vocabulary. Have a look at Mrs O’Hagan’s video to see what words we can learn and add to the word banks in our brains!

This is a fantastic book all about art. Listen to Mrs O’Hagan’s story and follow Bob on his journey of discovery!

Now let’s see if you can answer the questions Mrs O’Hagan asks you! If you don’t know, you can listen to the story again!



We are going back to White Rose Maths for our starters this week. We will be looking at 9 and 10 and while most children are familiar working with numbers to 10, this will provide an opportunity to take a closer look at these numbers and help the children make connections that they may not have made before.

Please select session 1.


This week we are going to be looking at subtraction. We have covered this before but in Reception we revisit the same concept many times to help the children really embed their maths skills.

Here is a simple little recap video with Mrs Whitestone. Can you remember what happens to a number when we subtract?


This week we will be focussing back on our fine motor skills – we will revisit some of our previous activities, remember also that you should all have your Jasmine log ins to access lots of age appropriate PE lessons.

Today we’ll begin with a little reminder of how to properly pick up a pencil –

And now to get your fingers working hard, here is Harrison with his elastic band!

Expressive Arts and Design

Today you have a very exciting art job to do. You will be making a 3D sculpture with Mrs Henderson. All you will need is some paper shapes and strips. It can be any paper you have at home. Magazines, newspaper, wrapping paper and even wallpaper would work, and they will add an extra bit of uniqueness to your sculptures!


Mrs Whitestone is here with a story for you about a little girl who uses her art skills to make paper dolls. She then uses her imagination to take them on lots of adventures!

What a great start to art week! Enjoy your day’s learning and get creative with your arty challenge! We are so excited to see them, we can hardly wait!

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