Reception Home Learning Friday 26th February

It’s out last day learning about Africa and we have found out so much!  It is always interesting to find out about how other people live and not everyone lives like we do in England.  In fact, people have very different ways of living in England too!  Some people live in remote areas, some in busy cities, some on farms in the countryside and others in towns like us, in Northampton.

We have another comprehension activity for literacy, remember to listen very carefully so that you can answer the questions.  And, hopefully you can all count in 2s by now and have learnt how to compare the height and length of things?


You all know that on Friday we try to learn Rocket Words.  These are high frequency words that cannot be sounded out phonetically.  Children just need to be able to sight read these words.  Today Mrs Whitestone has a game to help you remember the ones that you are struggling with.  There’s also a link to a previous blog where we are teaching them.

And here are Rocker Word 1-4 lessons.


Please do another reading with comprehension activity from Monday’s blog.  Hopefully you have seen an improvement in your child’s comprehension skills this week?


All week we have been focussing on comprehension and hopefully your child has improved as they practised over the week?  if not, you could go back and re-listen to earlier stories and see if they can answer the questions.  This is another beautifully illustrated book based in Kenya.  It is longer so I have asked questions as I go along.

Maths starter

Our last time this week for counting in 2s -this time we are going to use a number track.

Maths main

Yesterday Mrs Henderson measured length using non standard measures (her feet).  Today we are going to measure height, first with a standard measure (a measuring tape) and then by a range of other non-standard measures.

Physical Development

Today we have a Cosmic Yoga Safari session – it starts on 4 mins 40.  Can you remember what a safari is?

Listening and Understanding the World

Mrs Henderson has some animal noises – some are from English farm animals and some are African animals.  Listen carefully to see if you can hear which noise belongs to which animal.


Today’s story is about a Sleepy Cheetah who has to learn how to run fast!  Afterwards watch the clip to see a real cheetah running as well as some of the other animals that we meet in this book,


Well done everyone for a great week of work – I hope you have enjoyed it all.  Next week, we are all going to be creative and be artists!  Have a lovely weekend and we will see you next week at the morning registers.

Take care

The Reception Team.

Extra Story

The final part of Anasi the Spider

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