Reception Home Learning Friday 15th January

It’s Friday and what a busy week we have had – the children have really embraced the story of the Gingerbread Man which has been lovely to see. We have another traditional tale for you next week to enjoy. Thank you all for the the posts and messages, they really do keep us going…

Let’s make a start then, as it is Friday it is time to go through our rocket words! I know lots of the children are very good with rockets 1 and 2 now so keep going with rocket 3, and please please work on 1 and 2 if your child doesn’t know them yet – they are essential to be able to read. This week Mrs O’Hagan has recorded rocket 4 for us so see how you get on with that!

Rocket 1

Rocket 2

Rocket 3

Rocket 4

Reading Group A


Reading Group B


Reading Group C



Today’s White Rose starter – choose session 4

Our final day of Gingerbread man maths!


Physical Development

Our final PE lesson of the week – but remember at school this would be 5 weeks worth of PE lessons so don’t worry of your child is still working on Monday or Tuesdays lessons!  Today we continue with throwing – ideally to a partner as very difficult for a young child to do this up against a wall.  Get your child to stand ready with one foot forward and one back – nicely balanced to either throw or catch.  Show them how to throw underarm to your hands.  When catching the ball to hold their hands out together, watch the ball and then bring it into their bodies.  If anyone is able to record their child doing any of these activities this week, and don’t mind sharing them, then please send in the videos so that we can use them next week on the blog!  Thanks

I know lots of you enjoyed Mrs Allen’s Hairy Maclarey story yesterday, so here is another!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks again for all the posts and messages. You all deserve a good rest now. See you next week!

Best wishes from all the Reception Team.

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