Reception Home Learning Wednesday 24th February

Good morning

We have a beautiful book for your literacy today – We All went on a Safari.  Can you remember what a safari is?  We learnt that word on Monday.  It’s when people go into the African plains and look at all the wonderful animals.  Before we start phonics, shall we go on a little safari.  Put your drama glasses on and pretend you are there!  This video is from someone who has been on a safari so you can see all the things that they did and saw on their holiday. I wonder how many of the animals you can name?

Did you enjoy your safari?  Well, now it’s time for phonics.

Group A

Group B

Group C


Please go back to Monday’s blog post where there is a daily reading comprehension.


Another comprehension.  Mrs Whitestone is reading We All Went on a Safari.  This is another beautifully illustrated book based in Tanzania.  You need to really concentrate and listen so that you will be able to answer all her questions about the story.

Maths starter

We continue with trying to learn how to count in 2s.

Maths main

Mrs Henderson has a practical game to measure height and/or length.  For this you will need a dice and either some lego bricks or cheerios.  It needs at last 2 people to play but, like Mrs Henderson, you could play it with your favourite toy.

Physical Development

Please login to the Jasmine PE portal and choose some of the jungle activities to do.

Understanding the World

Today we are going to look at some houses in Africa.  Africa is made up of lots of different countries and there are cities and countryside.  Mrs Whitestone is looking at some houses in the countryside to see whether they are the same or different to the houses we live in.

Now watch this clip about a little girl Naresiah who lives in Kenya.  You can see her house is like the one in Mrs Whitestone’s picture. In some ways she is the same as you – she lives with her family, she loves her mum, she goes to school and she seems very happy.  But there are lots of ways that her life is different to yours – see how many you can spot.


Today’s story, read by Mrs Henderson, is about a group of friends that live in the jungle.  There is a crocodile, a rabbit, a leopard, a monkey and a zebra.  I had to check that rabbits do live in Africa and I can confirm that they do.

What another great day of learning.  I have never been on a safari but now I’m wishing that I will one day.  Have a lovely day everyone.

Extra Story

If you have time, this is a Traditional African Story being performed by a London Theatre Group.  It is in 3 parts over the next 3 days.


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