Reception Home Learning – Friday 12th February

Hello everyone,

We are on the last day of this half term – it feels very odd that we have not been in school together but it seems that many children have been able to continue their learning at home.  This is a difficult situation for us all so thank you for your support and feedback on how we are providing online learning.  We understand that the next government announcement is on 22nd February so we may know when we will be returning to school then.  However, we will be back online on 22nd February for at least two more weeks.  If your child is struggling, then we would suggest trying to get them to do the daily phonics lesson.  After that reading if possible.  If you think that they would benefit from a message from any of us please e-mail us on and we will record one and put onto Tapestry.

We have an extra zoom call this afternoon at 2pm – come along with your wands and we will all attempt to do our fairy dance together.  The link is

Rocket words

It’s Friday and we are all working hard trying to think of ways that the children can learn those rockets words.  As a reminder they are:

Rocket 1: I, the, into, to, no, go and put

Rocket 2: he, she, we, me, be, was and of

Rocket3: you, they, all, are, my and her

Rocket 4: said, have, like, so. do, come and some

Rocket 5: were, there, little, one, when, out and what

Rocket 6: oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs and look

Rocket 7: called, asked, could, looked and because

If your child can already read, then you can also start to get them to spell and write them.

Mrs Szabo has created a game today – you will need to prepare a ‘Bingo’ card with words that your child does not know and you will need a dice.  Mrs Szabo and her son explain how to play it.


Mrs Whitestone has a labelling job for you today, you can print the picture to label if you like, but if you can’t then you can make a list of what you can see.



Please choose the 5th session


Mrs Henderson has invented a subtraction snap game for you! She does have some great ideas!

Mrs Henderson’s final Scavenger Hunt. Enjoy!


It is our final day of the fairy dance! I think the fairies have been so impressed with Mrs Henderson they have sent a real fairy to do the dance for us!  We will all perform this together at 2pm.


We have two stories today – Mrs Cieslik is reading Phoebe and the Unicorn and we also have a story read by Mrs Jacox and her little dog Lucy.. It is a story about losing your good mood, I don’t know about you, but having to stay at home at lot has meant I have been losing my good mood quite a lot. Let’s find out how to find it if it gets lost.

Well we hope that if you have lost your good mood you will have a good idea how to get it back now! What a magical week we have had with the fairies – we have loved it and we hope you have too. Tomorrow it is the weekend and we can all have a well earned rest next week as it is half term. Thank you children and parents for all your hard work this week, we have loved hearing and seeing it on Tapestry.  We hope that you all have a good week and will see you back on the registers on Monday 22nd February.

Take care and best wishes from all the Reception team.

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