Pre-school Home Learning Monday 8th February

Hello everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend. What fun activities did you get up to? What was the weather like? Maybe you can tell us when we have our registration at 11am.

Here is Mrs Webb singing our days of the week song:

Here is the link for the zoom register:

Home Learning


Our listening activity today involves the story Each Peach Pear Plum and a game of I spy. Mrs Whitestone is reading this story and at the end of the video she has set you a little task. Good luck and remember to send us your videos of you doing this on Tapestry.


For our winter theme this week, Mrs Crane has some snowmen to help her today. Can you help find a given quantity

Speech and Language

Mrs Allen took this photo of a fox in her garden. Have a look at the photo and think about what you can see. Maybe you could talk about what the fox looks like? What do you think the fox is looking up at? Remember to send your comments to Tapestry.


Mrs Tucker is back today with another ball skills video!

Story Time

Today’s story is called Owl Babies. It is all about 3 owls called Sarah, Percy and Bill. Can you watch the video and tell us who the big owl is, the middle sized owl and the little owl?

Ice experiment

Today’s activity is an experiment. For this you will need to have 2 bowls and some water. Mrs Webb has added in some objects which you can do too but this is optional. Watch the video too see what happens and the photos of where Mrs Webb has put each bowl.

Well done everybody for your hard work today. We really enjoyed seeing you for register as well as what you have been posting on to Tapestry.

The Preschool Team


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