Planet Super League has Begun!

The Planet Super League season has begun, so well done to all of the pupils, parents and teachers who have signed up to this fantastic event. If you haven’t already signed up you can sign up at any point and join in the fantastic activities set each week. To sign up you just need to visit: Planet Super League website ( and follow the sign up instructions. A step by step guide can also be found on the Planet Super League Blog.

This week Northampton Town FC will be playing against Notts County so let’s get the season off to a good start! There are so many great planet saving activities for you and your family to try and each activity earns goals for Northampton Town FC. To claim the points for Northampton Town FC you need to:

  • Login to Planet Super League’s website
  • Choose the activity you want to do and the purple button which says start activity.
  • Follow the steps to complete the challenge and press completed after you have finished each stage.
  • Once you have completed the challenge take a photo of your activity or creation and upload it to the website
  • To upload the photo to the website you need to press the + button on the step 3 and the find your photo
  • Please also send any photos to the PE email so we can share your creations and activities on our different social media pages

    Below are the different groups of activities and how to complete them and score goals.

Outdoor Activities

These activities are all about being outside and enjoying being active with the family. The levels of physical activity vary with some being more challenging than others. The activities in this section are:

  • Leg Power 2km: Go for a 2km walk with your family in the sunshine. Take a photo of you and your team enjoying your walk to score 1 goal.
  • Pumped Up: Help your parents prepare for their next car journey by helping pump their car tyres up. Take a photo of you pumping the tyre up to score 3 goals.
  • Seed Handball: Help grow new plants your garden, by planting some new seeds. Take a photo of you planting your new seeds to earn 2 goals.
  • Leg Power 5km: Go for a 5km walk with your family in the sunshine. Take a photo of you and your team enjoying your walk to score 2 goal.
  • Snap a Bug: Search the outdoors to find some of the most interesting insects you can find in your garden. Take a photo so some of the most interesting insects to score 1 goal.
  • Spring Egg Hunt: Create an Easter egg hunt for you and your family to enjoy. Take a photo of the family trying to find the eggs hidden to score 2 goals.
  • Beautiful Game: Many call football the beautiful game so can you create a beautiful piece of art using items found in nature. Use leaves, flowers, stick etc to create a picture or sculpture and take a photo of your masterpiece to score 1 goal.


These activities are all about being creative and enjoying building and creating things as a family. You can use any materials and equipment you have around the house, with some challenges as simple as drawing while other may require you to build something. The activities in this section are:

  • Club Bird Feeder: Using recycled materials, create a bird feeder you can put outside your house or in your garden. Take a photo of your new bird feeder to score 2 goals.
  • Family Badge: Create a family badge to represent your family team. You can draw or build your badge and take a photo of your final creation to score1 goal.
  • Bug Stadium: Using old materials can you build a bug stadium for the different insects in the garden. Take a photo of your bug stadium to score 1 goal.
  • Football Fashion: Design a new goalkeeper shirt using the designs from your favourite ‘Bird of Paradise,’ draw a picture of your design and tell us what bird your shirt is based on. Take a photo of you design to score2 goals.
  • Cress Hair: Using eggs shells can your create the best hair style for your egg. You can use any different materials to create your hair style. Remember to give your egg man a face. Take a picture of your egg and his new hair style to score 2 goals.
  • Make your Mark: Create your own energy saving or nature helping activity. Tell us the idea and take a photo of you completing your activity to score 2 goals.
  • Scarecrow Goalie: Create a Scarecrow goalie out of materials you have around the house and dress him ready for the match. Take a photo of your goalie in action to score 3 goals.
  • Toilet Roll Spectator: Create your own binoculars and use them to explore nature. Take a photo of you using your new binoculars to score 2 goals.

Energy Savers

These activities are all about helping you and your family save energy and saving money. The activities combine being active and creative with energy saving ideas to create family fun. The activities in this group are:

  • Clean Sheet: Help your family save money and energy as they do the washing. Help your parents/ careers fill the washing machine and set to low temperature, slow spin or eco-wash. Take a photo of you filling the washing machine or setting the washing machine to score 1 goal. 
  • Family Floodlight: Switch 1 or more of your current light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs. Take a photo of you changing your light bulb(s) to score 2 goals.
  • Keepie Downies: Turn your heating down by 1 degree or more then try to stay warm by trying to keep an object in the air. How many times can you hit your object up in 1 minute? Take a video of you turning you heating down and keeping an object up for 1 minute to score 2 goals. 
  • Over the Line: Help your family dry the washing by hanging up the wet washing on a line or a rack. Take a photo of you hanging the washing on the line or rack and try and have the Northampton Town Football Club in  view to score 1 goal. 
  • Screens Off: Plan a time where your family will turn off their phones, tablets and laptops to enjoy time as a family. Play board games, go outside or even bake. Take photos of your activities (you may use a phone for this) to score 2 goals. 


  • Roodie’s Recipes: Either follow Roodie’s recipe or create your own healthy smoothie to enjoy with your family. Take a picture of you making or enjoying your smoothie to score 2 goals. 
  • No Moo Milk: Try to have a bowl of cereal without using cows milk. Try another form of milk and share a photo of you use this milk to score 1 goal.
  • Plant Power: Try going meat free for a meal or a day. Take a photo of your meat free meal to score 2 goals

There are many more activities to try so sign up and sign into Planet Super League to start earning points for Northampton Town FC and help the planet. Remember to upload your photos to the website and share them with us so we can share them on our social media channels so Northampton Town FC can see how you are helping them reach the top of the league.


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