Reception Home Learning Tuesday 12th January

Good morning everyone, are you ready to get stuck into today’s learning? We have lots more for you to do today, and it’s all good stuff!

We are sorry about the problems with Tapestry (see previous post), hopefully we will have more success today. Well done to those of you that managaed to get a post on!

Let’s get started with some phonics –

Phonics Group A

Reading Group A

Phonics Group B

Reading Group B

Phonics Group C

Reading Group C

Here is a sound blending game for children in group C from Mrs Whitestone


Before we get on to our lesson, let’s recap our vocabulary from yesterday –

Now for our lesson –


White Rose – We are on to the next set of sessions, so today select session 1

Here is your main maths – some adding with gingerbread men!


Physical Development

Yesterday we started to learn how to control a ball without it rolling away.  Next lesson is to carefully pass it to another person or, if no one available, roll is up against a wall and receive it back.

You should by now also have the login details for Jasmine – our online PE portal so feel free to do lots of activities from there too.


To finish off our day, Mrs Szabo has another traditional tale for you – the story of the Ugly Duckling, this time she is reading in English and Romanain

That’s it for today children, we hope we have kept you busy and that you have enjoyed your learning – we think you are doing such a fantastic job at home.

Have a great day, children AND grown ups!

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