Pre-School Home Learning Tuesday 12th January

Hello Pre-School! 

We are so pleased to see so many of you coming to the zoom calls and all the brilliant work you are doing at home. Did you all enjoy the Gingerbread Man story yesterday? We have lot’s more activities for you, shall we find out what they are?

Home Learning


Mrs Webb is in the Preschool garden today! She is using her listening ears to listen out for all the sounds in the environment. Do you think you can do the same? You can either stand in your garden or take your grown up on a walk. Remember to wrap up warm as it is very cold outside! Also don’t forget to take your listening ears with you as you will need them to hear all around you! Remember children, when you are telling your grown up what you can hear to use a full sentence starting it with “I can hear…”.


Mrs Crane is back again with her Maths challenge for the day! Today is all about matching!! Below this video is an image for you to use. We have also added it as a link to make it easier to print if you wish to. 

Presentation dot plates


Mrs Allen has set you a challenge, we hope you all have a good aim! Good luck! Please post your videos onto tapestry. We cannot wait to see how you get on!

Speech and Language

Wow Pre-School! Look at this beautiful gingerbread house! We have been practicing lots, talking in sentences. Can you talk to your grown up or brothers/sisters and tell them what can you see in the picture? I can see a gingerbread man wearing a green scarf. What colours can you see? How many candy canes are in the picture. You could start your sentence with “I can see…” or “In the picture there is…”. Maybe your grown up could video you talking about the picture and send it to us on Tapestry!

Story Time

Today we are very lucky and have two stories. The first one is Mrs Crane with one of our favorite stories. The Gruffalo’s Child! Get comfy and have a listen. 

We have an extra treat today. Here is the Gingerbread Man being read in Romanian by Mrs Szabo. Enjoy children!

Have a wonderful day everybody!

The Pre-School Team

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