Reception home learning Friday 27th March

Dear children

Well it’s the end of the first week with your grown ups teaching you – how are they doing?  We hope you are enjoying yourselves but we are all missing you.  Thank you to everyone who has sent us e-mails or put pictures on Tapestry – we are all enjoying looking at those and thank you parents for doing this for your children and us.

On a Friday we often finish off jobs from the week so there is less on her today for you to do the same (and to enjoy the sunshine!).

Speech and Language

Please login to our online learning journal Tapestry and look at the photos together and tell your grown up about what you are doing in the pictures.  (If you do have never logged in please check your e-mail for a recent activation code or e-mail us on Reception@lings so that we can re-send to you).


On Tapestry you can also watch Mrs Tucker telling the story Jack and the Flum Flum Tree – all requests taken!

Phonics – on a Friday we normally focus in Rocket Words which cannot be sounded out and just have to be learnt).

A and B

Review all sounds sent home

Practise writing c, a, o, d and g

Rocket words (cannot be sounded out) – the, I, put, to, no, go, into, he, she, me, we, be


Review all taught sounds on sheet and sh, ch, ng, ck, th, wh, ai, ay, y, e, ee, igh, ie, oa, ar

Practise writing – 2 ways to write ay/ai, 3 ways to write e/ee/y and 2 ways to write ie/igh

Rocket words – was, into, they, look, because (use big elephants can always understand small elephants as a way to remember), all,


Teen number – we learn teen numbers by saying 11 is a 10 and a 1, 12 is a 10 and a 2, 13 is a 10 and a 4.  For those of you with a pack you can use the numicon to make the numbers, for those without ask the children to use their fingers.

We hope that you have had a successful first week – we will be posting up work for the whole of the next week.  Thank you for all the parents accessing these resources.  If you are in contact with other Reception parents please can you make sure that they are aware that this information is here and that we are on hand to help you all.

Have a lovely weekend everybody

The Reception Team

One thought on “Reception home learning Friday 27th March

  • 27th March 2020 at 10:46 am

    Like Mrs Tucker says we have loved seeing the pictures of the children and their work that you have been sending in to us on Tapestry, it genuinely brightens our days as we are missing the children – and their families – a lot! Well done for all your hard work this week, have a restful weekend! 🙂 Mrs O’Hagan


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