One thought on “Grammar – Monday 28th June

  • 28th June 2021 at 3:43 pm

    A Pasha SHOULD try her hardest at school.
    B He is so tired, he CAN’T keep his eyes open.
    C Tom is a great footballer. He CAN even play in goal!
    D If she keeps trying hard, she MIGHT just have a chance.
    E He is still learning. He MIGHTN’T do his shoe laces just yet.
    F You SHOULDN’T hurt people or steal things.
    G When you have finished eating, you SHOULD wash your plate.
    H When they get there, they WON’T find it waiting for them.
    I The cold makes it likely there MIGHT be icy roads tomorrow.
    J When I am older, I WILL be a millionaire.


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