Reception Learning – Under the Sea w/c 21st June

The children have been very excited this week with our learning about what lies under the sea!  We started the week with deep sea diving in a submarine to explore and describe all the wonderful creatures that we saw.  Please do ask them what they saw.

The words that we learnt this week were:

Ocean – a vast amount of water (sea)
Submarine – A ship designed to go under the water for a long time
Shoal – a group of fish swimming together
Seabed – the bottom of the ocean
Diver – a person who has special suit and equipment so that they can swim under water

We saw so many wonderful creatures and plants this week – the children really enjoyed watching this clip from The Blue Planet and we also found out about Sir David Attenborough who presents it.

We were inspired to them try and think of some amazing words/adjectives to describe those fantastic creatures and everyone wrote a descriptive sentence to be used within a poem.

In maths we consolidated our skills of subtraction and also tried to instantly recall all the number bonds to 5.  Please do see if your child can remember them.

We also had real fish and squid (from the fishmongers) in school and the children were given the opportunity to handle these and explore their anatomy by watching them being dissected.

Have a lovely weekend

The Reception Team

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