KS1 Real PE at Home- Week 8

It has been great to see you all accessing Jasmine at home and telling us all about your adventures, so please keep sharing. To access the portal you just need to follow this link (Jasmine Home Portal) and type in your personalised username and password.

This week you will be returning to Real PE with a new skill and new theme to explore. Last week was half-term and Barney the Bear took a trip to the seaside. He played in the water, played on the beach and he even got to see some sunshine. This week we will be exploring the creatures at the beach, building sand sculptures and having fun in the sea.

As always, we would love to see some pictures and videos of you playing the games or exploring the skills at home so we can share them with others, so please send any pictures or videos to pe@lingsprimary.org.uk. Who knows maybe you will be selected as one of next weeks ‘Real PE at Home Stars of the Week’ winning one of our special certificates.

Below is a video explaining where to find the Barney the Bears Seaside theme and what activities you can play this week.

KS1 Explanation Video

Below are some videos of some of the activities Barney the Bear got up to during his trip to the beach. Barney also taught some of our year 2 pupils the games he played.



As always please feel free to contact the PE team if you have any questions about the Jasmine Active Home portal on the PE email (pe@lingsprimary.org.uk).

Have fun, stay active and Barney the Bear will be waiting to see which of his seaside games you enjoyed the most.

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