Reception Home Learning Thursday 25th February

Good morning everyone

We have another exciting day of learning planned.  Today you are going to listen to some more facts about Africa and then write your favourite facts.  You can either write about something you have learnt this week, something that you hear when I read the book, or, you can go and find out some more information yourself.  This is the only piece of writing that you are being asked to do this week, so please make sure that you try really hard.  Please save the writing and bring it into school when we are back.  First, as always, phonics.

Group A

Group B

Group C – sorry in 2 parts but it is the same lesson!


Please continue with the comprehension reading and sheets.  Remember you need to read the sentences and point to the correct picture.


Although we have focussed on oral comprehension this week we cannot have a week without any writing.  So, I am going to read you a non fiction book about Africa.  This will give you more information about Africa and I would then like you to write three facts/sentences about Africa.  The facts might be from this book, or one of the other stories that you have listened to or from the videos that we have made about African clothes, drums, fruit or houses.  Grown ups, the children need to think what they want to write, say it out loud several times and then sound out the words that they are saying.  Please let them sound out the sentences themselves and not copy.  Please could you also write it on paper and bring it in with everything else so that we can stick it in their literacy books.  Thank you.

Maths starter

Today we are going to practise counting in 2s using numicon.

Maths main

Watch Mrs Henderson measure the rooms in her house using her own feet.  Can you do the same and find out which is your longest room and which is the shortest room?

Understanding the World

Did you know that lots of the fruit and vegetables that we eat is grown in Africa?  That’s because the climate is nice and hot and good for growing.  In this story you need to spot eight types of fruit and then afterwards we will look in my fruit bowl at all the fruit that has been grown in Africa.

Here is Mrs Cieslik reading the story for the children whose first language is Polish

Physical Development

Please choose a jungle activity from the Jasmine portal.


Mrs O’Hagan is reading a story about a hungry fox. The story is set in an African village and market.  The story is called A Pot of Jollof.  Do you know what jollof is?… well I didn’t.  It is a savoury rice dish that originates from West Africa.

We hope you enjoyed your day.  Remember to look and see where your fruit has come from and, if you like rice, maybe you could help your grown ups make some jollof?  I’m definitely going to try to.  Have a great day everyone!

Extra Story

Part Two of Anansi the Spider


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