Reception’s learning week commencing 14th June

We got our week off to a very special start with a visit from children’s author Adam Guillain!

The chidren loved Adam’s story telling and he worked with them to re-tell the story first with a story map and secondly, re-telling the story by mime! The story was called Lucky Ducky – ask your children if they can tell you the story, if they need a reminder, here is Adam telling it himself –

We continued the theme of story telling for the whole week and the children have been thinking up their own stories, the adults have been drawing the story map for them, and then the children tell us the story. We have all been writers! In their independent learning the children have been using some wooden characters to make up and tell their stories, and they have even been filmed, something that caused a lot of excitement!

Our vocabulary remained the same as last week with the addition of three new words, illustrator – someone who’s job is to draw the pictures in a book, fiction – made up stories, and non-fiction – not made up, gives us information.

Outside we have been enjoying the sunshine – mostly! It has been good to see many of the children have hats – but some children don’t have one, and on our playground there is no shade.

In maths we continued looking at odd and even numbers, remembering the rule, if you can halve it and have none left over, then it must be an even number. We found out that bigger numbers that end with a 0,2,4,6,8 are even and those that end with 1,3,5,7,9 are odd. We have also been revisiting subtraction.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week!




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