World Book Day!

Today is world book day! A day to celebrate books. We love books in Reception, we love them so much that every day feels like World Book day. We always have at LEAST one book a day. Books are so important to the development of children’s learning and developing a love of reading and books is one of the biggest indicators of future success.

So even though we celebrate books every day, we thought we would do something extra special – we have all recorded one of our favorite stories for you to watch, there are 6 so you can watch them whenever you like. We have all worn a mask, so you might not know who is who! Can you tell? You can let us know in the comments! Can you tell us what your favorite story is, and why you love it? We would love to know…

First up is an Elmer story from masked reader number 1:

Masked reader number 2 is reading Beware of the Frog:

Masked reader number 3 is reading Lost and Found:

The mysterious Masked reader number 4 is reading Pizza for Pirates:

Masked reader number 5 has turned into a little dragon! they are reading a lovely story called A Recipe for a Story:

And Masked reader number 6 has something on her head and is reading a story about a little mole:

We hope you have enjoyed our favorite stories, it was hard to choose as we love so many. Hopefully soon the libraries will be able to open again and we will all be able to go and choose some wonderful books to take home. Remember you can look back on our old blogs and find a story every day if you ever need one. You can also find lots of stories online – the Book Trust has a Youtube channel with lots of videos of stories and lots of engaging activities that will help to foster a love of reading in your children, here is a link to the channel





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