Reception’s learning week commencing 19th April

The children have been enjoying the sunny weather this week using the garden area of our outside area everyday.  We have carried on with the Spring Theme as have been learning about lifecyles – primarily of frogs and butterflies.  The vocabulary that the children learnt (and should be able to tell you) was:

Lifecycle – how an animal or plant develops and changes over time
Chrysalis/cocoon – a hard shell spun by a caterpillar to protect it during metamorphosis
Metamorphosis – when an animal changes how it looks after it’s been born – not just growing bigger

Also, ask them what happened in the stories of The Hungry Caterpillar and Tadpole’s Promise.

We are still doing our scientific experiment with growing beans in different conditions and are now looking after caterpillars and tadpoles too!

In maths we re-visited two things this week – number bonds to ten (two numbers that added together equal 10) and making repeating patterns.  See if yor child can work out all the number bonds either using their fingers or ten items such as buttons.  Also, if you give them a pile of resources ask them to make you a pattern.  They will need a few of several different items e.g. some pnecils, toy cars and socks.

Last week very few of the children read and whilst the weather has been lovely, we do ask that you try to listen to your child read for a few minutes several times a week.  This is a well tested way to build confidence and fluency in their reading.  Please support your child by doing this.

Kind regards

The Reception Team


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