Hargun’s Easter Holiday Challenge

Hello Year 5!

Hargun has challenged you to keep yourself active over the Easter Holidays.

During the holiday he wants you to track how much movement you do. Normally, we use cars, vans and trucks etc. but he would like you to record how much you walk. This is a competition so to win, you will need to get the most points in the class. Please be honest. This is how to win points:

Walk to another place: 10 points

Walk over 1km: 50 points

Walk over 2.5km: 100 points

Take a photo of you on your walk: 5 points

Keep a track of your own score and feel free to post details of your walks on the blog.

Feel free to send any photos to yearfive@lingsprimary.org.uk

Good luck and thank you Hargun for such a great idea and challenge!

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