Reception’s Learning week commencing 22nd March – Easter

Hello everyone

We have had a lovely week thinking about both Easter and Spring.  The children learnt about the reason why and how Christians celebrate Easter.  The vocabulary we learnt this week was Easter, disciple, enemy, Governor and arrest.  Ask your children what these words mean.  We also learnt about why we have Easter eggs to celebrate.  We found three possible reasons:

  • The chocolate egg is like the empty tomb.
  • In the olden days families would save real eggs for children to eat at Easter for a treat.
  • Eggs are a symbol for new life in Spring.

Again, ask your children to see how many of these they can remember.

In maths we were learning about the composition of ‘teen numbers’, and 11 and 12, using ten and another number.  The children should be able to tell you what a teen number is made of e.g. 15 is a 10 and a 5.

This week in writing we have been encouraging children to write independently – that is to think of their own sentences, say them out loud and write them.  Some children have been given a little chocolate egg as a reward if we can read their writing and if it is to a similar standard to what we know they can do with an adult.

Thank you to everyone who helped their child to decorate an Easter hat or egg – Mr Wilson, Mrs Jacox and Mrs Clarke judged those and the winners will be announced in the newsletter on Friday.

Here are the children with their fantastic entries –

We hope that you all have a lovely Easter Break – all the blog posts are still up on our site should you wish to listen to any stories, play any of the games or do some extra phonics.

Best wishes

The Reception Team


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