Reception Home Learning Thursday 4th March

Before we begin here are our reminders for coming back to school.

  • Please please remember to send your child into school on Monday with their phonics folder containing thier board, pen (understandably some of these will have run out and do not need to be returned) and rubber – this is the most important thing to remember as we need them to be able to continue teaching phonics in school.
  • Please return the dice, number track and part-part whole laminated sheet in the large plastic home learning wallets but feel free to keep the other resources.
  • Please remember to book a hot dinner for your children – unless they are having a packed lunch.
  • Packed lunches need to be healthy and balanced – a sandwich or wrap, a pie
  • ce of fruit, a yoghurt and a biscuit is plenty of food for a child in Reception, often children have so much food they struggle to eat it. No sweets and chocolate bars.
  • Please send in any work that your child has been doing at home as we will stick it into their books when they return to school.
  • Tuesday is PE day, the children should come into school wearing their PE kit, if it is cold, of course they can wear their jumpers and leggings/joggers.
  • Additional Snack The council provide a fruit snack everyday free of charge, but we ask for ¬£1 per week to provide the children with an additional snack to have during our ‘Snack and Chat’ sessions.
  • Thank you

Remember today is your last chance to collect what you need for Friday’s art challenge – here is what you will need:



Today is World Book Day! We have recorded lots of our favorite stories for the children in this separate blog post –



Good morning children! What a busy week we have been having with all the art we have been doing and finding out about. Today Mrs Hendereson is going to ask you to write about your amazing 3D sculptures, and Mrs Whitestone has a really lovely arty challenge for you based on a painting by the artist Xi Baishi who she will tell you a bit about. Mrs Tucker has a really great story for you at the end, but first it’s time for phonics –

Phonics A

Phonics B

Your final day of sh and ch before rocket words tomorrow!

Phonics C



Please select session 4 for your starter today.

Main – we are going to play Mrs Henderson’s subtraction game again!


On Monday you should all have made a sculpture using paper. Today you are going to write some sentences describing your wonderful pieces of art work. Remember… when you write sentences you have to THINK it, SAY it, WRITE it. Here is Mrs Henderson with a video writing sentences about her sculpture!


Todays physical challenge was Mrs Whitestone’s favourite! You will beed some tissue paper, a peg and a piece of paper with differen lines on.

Expressive Arts and Design

Your job today is to create your own piece of work like the one below by Qi Baishi (pronounced Chi Bashi). He was a famous Chinese artist that painted animals, trees and fish. For this piece of art you will need paint and/or felt tips and most excitingly, you will be using your fingers to paint or print!

Here is the picture you will be copying.

Now for a video of Mrs Whitestone giving you directions on how to do it. We are VERY excited to see what they look like.


Mrs Tucker has a very special art story for you today, it’s about a little girl who thought she wasn’t very good at art, but she was wrong!

So there are all your tasks for the day. It is normal for people, especially children, to feel like Vashti does in the story The Dot. If we feel like we can’t do something, we feel scared to have a go, but there are no rights and wrongs with art! You just have to be brave and have a go – and you will usually be surprised at what you can do – remember, the more you do, the better you will get! Have a great day everyone.

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