Reception home learning Tuesday 1st December

Welcome back for Tuesday’s home learning! Thank you so much for all you are doing to support your children at home – it really is fantastic to see all the work they are doing. A week today will be our last day of learning at home and then we will be back at school next Wednesday! We cannot wait to get back.

So as usual, here are you challenges for the day!


For the children who sit on Mrs O’Hagan’s carpet for phonics (not her class)

For all the other children

And if your child is not blending yet, please go back to yesterday’s blog and practise blending using the four little clips.

Speech and Language

Mrs Henderson has recorded her favourite game here!  Grown ups – you will need to pause after each question and please make sure that  your child talks in full sentences.  If they have English as an additional language this may be a simple sentence “I would prefer to….”, but if not we want them to say a full sentence and give a reason “I would prefer to be covered in green fur because I would not like to have to crawl all day.”  Parents please ask your children why and encourage them to give explanations.


Start by re-telling the story that you started to learn yesterday using the pictures and actions to remember the whole story.

We are going to write a list today of nocturnal animals (animals that sleep during the day) and diurnal animals (animals that sleep at night).  Parents, the children might need help with a couple of sounds they have not been taught yet – w for owl, x for fox and j for badger.  In your pack there a sheet with the alphabet on it  – if they cannot remember how to write a sound get them to say it and then you can point to it to help them to remember how to write it.  We would not expect them to know the correct spelling – for example, most will write awl for owl, mowl for mole or bagj for badger.  Please do not correct their spellings – just get them to say the word, segment it and then write down the words that they hear.  Some children will only write the first sound, some the first and last, some the whole word.  Some children will not be able to do this activity yet, in which case, please write the word and let them trace over it.  It would be really helpful for us if this piece of work could be sent into school for us to put in their writing books please.


Today’s starter is a numicon recognition game –


Today we are going to do some adding using the Part Part Whole model –


If your child as confident using the PPW then you can try this extension with them –


Physical Development


Please re-read yesterday’s book from Oxford Owls.

Expressive arts and design and Speech and language in one!

Mrs Szabo has been very busy at home and she has an arty challenge for you…

Don’t forget story time at 2.30 – if not here is another story to listen to –

We hope you all enjoy today’s learning and look forward to seeing how you get on on Taperstry. Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

The Reception Team






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