Reception’s Learning Week commencing 3rd November

The children have come back into school very well after the holiday and we have been straight back into our learning!

This week we have been talking about the story of Farmer Duck and we have learned some new words to grow our vocabularies. Ask the children if they can tell you what the words ‘conscientious’ ‘weepy’ or ‘weary’ mean. If they can explain to you what just one of these words mean and you leave us a post on Tapestry then your child will get a Wow sticker for their chart.


In maths we have been learning to use a Part Part Whole model:

The top circle is the whole and the two lower circles are the parts. The whole has to be the total of the two parts added together. Initially we will be teaching the children to fill in the two parts, add them up and record the total in the whole. The children have been really enthusiastic about this this week and are enjoying maths in general.

If you read with your children, please do make a note in their yellow books so that we know they have read. We can then move their name up on our achievement board.

We have also assessed the children on how many of their ‘Rocket Words’ they have learnt.  Whilst some children had done brilliantly, most did not know any.  We try to teach the classes them on a Friday but as there are over 50 to learn we do need your help to support this.

We are getting quite a few posts on Tapestry now, thank you to those who are posting! Please do leave us a message – we love to see the children applying their learning at home.

Remember we have the farm visiting on Monday so you may want to talk to your child about this afterwards.

Have a great weekend,

The Reception Team.



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