Reception Home Learning Tuesday 23rd February

Hello everyone

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning about Africa?  Maybe you found out some information for yourself that you would like to share?  We will continue with this today, but first phonics.

Group A

Group B

Group C


There are 10 reading comprehensions posted yesterday so at least one per day.  Make sure the children point at the right picture as well as read the sentences.


Mrs Henderson reads and African traditional tale called Why Elephant has a trunk.  Listen to all of the story first and then listen again, but this time, answering her questions as you go along.  Parents you may need to pause to give then thinking time and they will definitely need to be concentrating and listening!

Now answer the questions…



Yesterday we listened to the story Handa’s Hen and saw how I counted the animals in 2s.  Now today Mrs Whitestone has Mondi’s eggs and she is going to show you a lovely way to start to learn how to count in 2s.

Maths main

For our main lesson we are going to think about the length of things.  Hopefully yesterday you tried to order some things by height; today we are going to do a similar activity but by length – that is looking at how long something is and ordering from the longest item to the shortest.

Understanding the World

In Africa there is lots of types of music played but drumming is very common in African music.  Drumming is used to communicate, celebrate, mourn or inspire and is part of African culture.  So when someone is born, or dies, or has a birthday or gets married the music played may include drums or be entirely made of drums.  Have a look at my djembe drum and then listen to these amazing African  drummers.

The drums they are playing are called Djembe drums.  And this is also a Djembe drum but is much smaller.

Physical Development

For your physical activity you might want to do Mrs Henderson’s animal activities from yesterday, or login to the school Jasmine site where Mrs Davies has a number of Jungle PE challenges.


This is a beautifully illustrated book based on the popular children’s book We are going on a bear hunt.  In this story, two girls go on a lion hunt – make sure you look at the pictures carefully to see how many African animals you can spot!

We hope you have enjoyed today’s learning – if you have time, maybe you could try and make yourself a little drum to play?  Thank you for all you hard work.

The Reception Team

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