Reception’s Learning W/C 4th May

It has been bee week this week and the children have really enjoyed learning about these busy little creatures!

The vocabulary this week has been bee related – we have been learning the following words and the children should be able to tell you what they mean.




Waggle dance



Our beans have now been planted and are growing happily in the classroom – they may come into use further down the line.

Caterpillars are now all cocoons and we are waiting for the results of the metamorphosis.

In maths we have been counting in 2s, if you can find things to count in twos at home such as pairs of socks this will support the children with their counting.

We have also been using positional language – on, in, in front, behind, under and inbetween – the children have really enjoyed this.

Next week we are learning about journeys and have some exciting things planned for the children!



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