Pre-school Home Learning Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning everyone,

How are you today? Today is Tuesday. Can you remember what day it was yesterday? How are you getting on with the activities set on the blog? Today’s link for the zoom register is here:

We look forward to seeing you on at 11am.

Home Learning

We are continuing our Jungle theme today. Did you read any stories at home that are jungle themed or have any animals in them from the Jungle? Have you had a think about the questions Mrs Webb asked you yesterday?


Today’s task is to go on a scavenger hunt. Mrs Webb is here with a video to tell you what things you need to find on your scavenger hunt. Remember, you will need your listening ears and your eyes to listen to what you need to find and then to use your eyes to find each item! Good luck everyone!


Down in jungle Mrs Crane has been looking at a picture can you help her describe where the animals are? Also she needs help with counting too.

Where is the leopard? Where is the tiger? How many flowers are there in the pond?

Speech and Language

For today’s speech and language activity we need you to listen to the story Mrs Webb is reading “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”. Listen really carefully to the story and then Mrs Webb has got some questions for you. The questions in the video are also underneath this video.

  1. How would you feel is a tiger knocked on your door and asked to come for tea? Would you let the tiger in or tell the tiger to stay outside?
  2. What would your grown ups do if a tiger knocked on your door?
  3. What food and drink would you give the tiger? In the story the tiger eats sandwiches, buns, biscuits and cakes. He then drinks orange juice, milk, tea and all the water in the tap.
  4. In the story the tiger is the guest in Sophie’s house. Do you think the tiger is a good guest or a not so good guest?

We look forward to seeing your responses on Tapestry.


Mrs Allen is here today with your physical challenge. This is a song that we do in PE. There is a video and also a link as well below. Watch the video first and then click on the link.

Story Time

Today Mrs Allen would like to share with you a story called Hairy Mcclary. We hope you enjoy it!

Well done everyone! It has been another busy day with lots of activities! We have loved seeing your photos and videos on Tapestry and also seeing you at the zoom registration. Well done everyone, you really are making us feel very proud!

The Preschool Team

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