Year 1 (Home Learning) – Friday 12th February

Hello Year 1,

Before you get started with your activities today, we just want to say a humongous well done to you all for being such superstars whilst you have been learning from home – this includes all of our wonderful parents & carers for their continued support and cooperation too!

You have set the standard (2021-style) and should all be very proud of yourselves!

Enjoy your well-deserved week off from home learning and we will see you all back on Zoom – Monday 22nd February @ 10:40am!


Half-Term Activity:

World Book Day 2021 is fast approaching and over the half-term break, we would like you to create a costume to wear on the big day!

Your costume must be made from things you can find at home, e.g. cardboard boxes, cartons, ect.

As the children have recently been learning about reusing and recycling materials, this will be a great opportunity to revisit the topic – whilst creating something awesome!

We can’t wait to see your creations!





Our theme of the week this week was Enthusiasm. The Year 1 team have been looking for children learning from home and in school that have shown enthusiasm this week.

Join us on Zoom @ 10:40am to find out who we have awarded our Set the Standard certificates to this week.

Here are just a few examples of the hard work that has been going on at home:



Here is the CBBC’s Lockdown Learning schedule for this week:

  • The 20 minute Bitesize Daily age 5-7 sessions @ 9:00am will be an additional way of supporting the children’s learning at home.
  • We have highlighted all of the Celebrity Supply Teacher sessions, as they are an engaging way of covering all aspects of the curriculum.
  • This Tuesday is Internet Safety Day and there will be a Live Lesson to mark this @ 11:00am.


FAO: Parents & Carers

A reminder of the expectations of Home Learning:

  • There will be a daily Zoom registration @ 10:40am, during which a member of the Year 1 Team will greet the children and discuss the activities for the day ahead.
  • The expectation is for children to be on the daily Zoom registration and engaging with the set activities on our Year 1 Blog – Phonics, Literacy, Maths and a Curriculum subject.
  • Please email children’s work across to their class teacher at:




Online Safety

Sharing pictures

  • Watch Jessie & Friends Episode 2: Sharing Pictures with your child here:
    (This may be a re-cap if you have completed previous online safety activities)
  • Ask your child the following questions to check their understanding:
    – How did lots of people end up seeing the pictures of Tia, Jessie and Mo? [The people
    they sent them to shared them with other people, who shared them with even more
    What did Kyle say the friends should have done before sharing a picture with him in
    it? [they should have asked his permission]
    How did Jessie, Tia and Mo get help when they found out their pictures had been
    shared with other people at school? [they told their teacher]
  • Support your child to complete the ‘When should Jessie TAG’ activity below.
    TAG stands for ‘Tell A Grown-up’.

After completing the activity, make sure your child knows that if they see anything online
that makes them feel worried, scared or sad, they should TAG.


  • I can retell the story in my own words. 
  • I can sequence the main events. 
  • I can use a capital letter to begin a name.

Story-telling challenge: Can you retell the story of The Winter’s Child in 1 minute?

You can use your storyboard to help you. 

Did you remember the characters names and pick out the key events? 

Now we would like you to write and retell The Winter’s Child in your own words. Use your storyboard to help you and don’t forget to write using capital letters, spaces between words and full stops. 






White Rose: Counting on

Watch this video:

Play the game that is modelled in the video using your number cards and a dice/online dice generator.



Family Friday Fun Activity

Click here to find out more about your Family Friday Fun Activity set by Mr. Wilson.

Vaidehi has already baked some Anzac biscuits and they look delicious!



Have a safe and fun-filled week,

Miss Simons, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Billingham : )

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