Year 1 (Home Learning) – Friday 29th January

Happy Friday Year 1,

Our theme of the week this week is resilience. The Year 1 team have been looking for children learning from home and in school that have shown resilience this week.

Join us on Zoom @ 10:40am to find out who we have awarded our Set the Standard certificates to this week.

Here are just a few examples of the hard work that has been going on at home:



Here is the CBBC’s Lockdown Learning schedule for this week:

  • The 20 minute Bitesize Daily age 5-7 sessions @ 9:00am will be an additional way of supporting the children’s learning at home.
  • We have highlighted Wednesday’s Bitesize Daily session, as the Science lesson will be on Materials and this will be our curriculum focus is this week!


FAO: Parents & Carers

A reminder of the expectations of Home Learning:

  • There will be a daily Zoom registration @ 10:40am, during which a member of the Year 1 Team will greet the children and discuss the activities for the day ahead.
  • The expectation is for children to be on the daily Zoom registration and engaging with the set activities on our Year 1 Blog – Phonics, Literacy, Maths and a Curriculum subject.
  • Please email children’s work across to their class teacher at:



Here are your activities for the day:


Here is a clip of Mrs Tucker showing you how we teach Phonics at Lings:

There are two Phonics (1 & 2) plans below. Please email us to find out which plan is most suitable for your child.


Phonics Plan 1

For letter sound practise:


Phonics Plan 2

For letter sound practise:



  • I can retell the story using pictures.
  • I can sequence the events from the story in the correct order.
Listen to Miss Simons talk you through the rest of our story:
Now we would like you to create a story board to retell the whole story.
If you need to revisit the first part of the story,
here is Miss Simons talking you through it again:




Click here to play a few games of ‘Mental Maths Train’.

Select ‘Addition’ then ‘Up to 20 – One More’.


White Rose: Counting on one more and counting back ones less

You will need to create a number line to 20.

Watch the video and follow the questions with the White Rose teacher: 

Answering the questions on the sheet below when you are asked (Q1 then 2 and then 4, 5 and 6): 



Family Friday Afternoon Activity

What is your favourite toy?

It does not have to be a toy that you enjoy playing with now but something that you had when you were really little!
This was Miss Simons’ favourite toy when she was a little girl …
Her name is Baby Annabell and she used to take her everywhere!
This was Mrs Billingham’s favourite toy when she was younger …
Parents and Carerswhat was your favourite toy when you were little? I’m sure that the children would love to find out what you enjoyed playing with.


Online Safety

Click here to finish reading The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin.

Select ‘Online Smartie the Penguin for Year 1’.


Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe,

Miss Simons, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Billingham : )

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