Wow work- year 5 week 4

Our year group poem


In the forests far from Athens,

Far away from Theseus’ court

Columns of wood instead of marble,

Leaves and stars instead of lights.

The beautiful leaves are soft and green,

I can hear the lovely trees waving,

The feeling of the ancient water, make me feel softer,

The forest is like heaven with angels singing up in every tree.

At night the forest is spooky,

full of darkness from the outside.

Fairies would enter every day, the forest of magic.

But as it was night, the fairies were bright.

Here come Titania and Oberon walking through the moonlit forest,

arguing about the changeling boy in whispering voices.

The King and Queen, enter the bright forest to see a sight –

His Puck, and her Fairy together.

Puck, a Servant of Oberon

Some call him the naughty fairy

He causes trouble of all sorts,

In the forests dark and shady,

Oberon begged his queen for a changeling baby.

Not for thy fairy Kingdom she replied,

Fairies skip hence.

Cameron reading the fairy scene


Parina’s poem


Lexy’s poem

In the forest deep and sound there lives a queen who has found a changeling baby sleep and sound but is this baby meant to be found? is he the one who can ban Oberon if he makes a filthy scam. he looks strong and feisty to me but what if he isn’t the one to help me get away today. will he be the one to save my life if Oberon comes running to me his wife?



Hollie’s forest poem

Alex’s trench


Lexie’s Trench diary

Dear diary

Today has been the worst I have caught a disease and having to have amputation. The place im at is full of flies in the summer, water in the winter and full of rats every season and we have to stay in a trench because it’s the only thing stopping enemy’s. when you get used to it it becomes your home. There’s actually so many people it feels like a town. If you don’t feel well or have a disease you go to the medical post. There’s also a cooking shelter that gives you really mushy food. You only get a quick nap in the afternoon but I read my letters and sort of feel happy and sad at the same time but you can’t rest for long because you have to be ready for attacks. Then you have to plan attacks then stay up all night and wait for enemies to attack when your actually meant to be resting and you have to stay up all night and you haft to spy on everyone in the enemy group.

Max’s trench model

Jake’s trench research

Dear diary,

Today was my 20th birthday and I was in the trenches , it’s cold soggy and wet and all I long for is to be at home with my love bing family, The sound of gunshots is all I can hear and the rain is poring down, I am covered In mud and very uncomfortable, I have barely slept since I got her in fear of not waking up, Tommorow will hopefully be a better day and this horrible war will end soon , I miss my family so dearly

Yours Sincerely


Hi mum.
I have survived another week in the trench and war. Nothing has happened so far no attacks no bombs and no gas attacks. Life is a bit dull having to do chores all day and I’m on the front line with the most attacks but there has been none since two weeks ago. But the soldiers are saying that there is a bomb coming. To be honest most of the people in the war have died in the nasty conditions of the trenches. There are lice rats and lots of diseases also maggots and even worse you barely get any food or sleep. Just writing this letter to say I’m okay.

You’re loved one…Owen.


Hannah’s forest description


Ben’s trench diagram



Cameron W’s trench model (Batman may be a modern addition the armed forces of WW1?)

Some great work in school too – well done Brooke, Isabelle and Hanna.

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    On my you weren’t lying these are good

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    they are so good don’t u think

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    Wow great work everyone

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    Well done everyone

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    Wd every one on ur trench


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