Pre-School Home Learning Monday 11th January

Good Morning Pre-School! 

We hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a rest.

We will continue to have our zoom call at 11am. It was so fantastic to see so many of you joining last week. It makes our day to see all of your smiling faces! Here is the link again in case you need it –

This week we are going to be thinking about the traditional tale The Gingerbread Man. With that said, who is ready for another day full of exciting activities? 

Home Learning


Today, Mrs Webb has a listening game for you. Mrs Webb is going to play musical instruments, you cannot see the instruments. You need to use your listening ears to see if you know which instrument Mrs Webb is playing,


Today, Mrs Crane has a maths challenge for you. Using objects, from around the house, can you make groups of 1, 2 and 3.



Mrs Tucker has a PE challenge for you, you are going to learn some ball skills!

Speech and Language

Today, Mrs Webb is singing some nursery rhymes that we always sing in preschool. Can you sing along too? I wonder if there are any that you can sing that Mrs Webb hasn’t done in this video. Remember to get your grown ups to record you singing and send it to us on here and on Tapestry.

Story Time

Run, run as fast as you can… Mrs O’Hagan is here to read us the story of the Gingerbread Man! See if you can join in as you listen. 


Have a fantastic day. We cannot wait to see what you get up to on Tapestry.

Best Wishes
The Pre-School Team

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