Reception Home Learning Monday 11th January

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a great weekend and are well rested and ready to get back to your home learning, we have lots of good stuff for you this week!

Parents – remember that today is the day you can collect your packs from school between 1pm and 2pm – there will be a member of staff there to hand these out to you. Please remember to social distance if you arrive at the same time as other parents. Thank you!

Please do keep coming to our Zoom registers – as this is term time and these are school days, we have a duty of care to the children and need to keep in very regular contact. Also, we love to see the children – it makes our day everyday!

Hargreaves 10.30

Nightingale 10.45

So lets get down to our learning, you know what’s first!

Phonics – some of these videos were recorded while we were in isolation, so please ingnore what is said before the lesson starting. If your child is finding the lesson they are doing too difficult then please watch a different lesson. As long as the children are practising the skills of letter recognition, blending and segmenting everyday they will maintain their skills.

Phonics Group A

Reading Group A

Phonics Group B

Reading Group B

Phonics Group C

Reading Group C


This week we are going to be learning the story of The Gingerbread Man – this story is a traditional tale and we will be finding out a little bit about these fabulous stories. So lets start like we would at school with some vocabulary –

Now you have got your new vocabulary you can listen carefully to the story – you can join in when I say “run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me – I’m the Gingerbread Man!”

Doamna Szabo a citit povestea în română și engleză.

Mrs Szabo reads The Gingerbread Man in Romanian and English – 


The last White Rose session from last week – we stared a day behind! Choose session number 5.


Mrs Allen has a good game for you here, and she is right – we do need to keep practising things when we are at home, even if it something we can do, if we don’t keep doing it, we lose the skill!


All the children who are at school have received a letter with details of a login for a PE website called Jasmine.  The login details for the children not in school are in their home learning packs that you can collect between 1pm and 2pm today.  If you cannot collect today please email us and advise when would be convenient and we will leave it in the school lobby.  There is a post on the blog from Friday that tells you how to access and use this website.

If we were at school we would have been learning about ball skills this half term.  Young children have difficulty controlling balls and like to throw them as hard or as far as possible.  In PE we teach the children to try to have control and send and receive balls with accuracy.

Children are at different levels of skills – you need to work at the level of your child and increase the ball size if they are struggling.  So today their challenge is to roll a ball around their bodies without loosing control.

As you can never have enough stories, Mrs Szabo has been busy recording lots for you, here is an Elmer story – we love Elmer!

That is it for Monday! A busy day for you all, we hope you enjoy it! Do let us know how you get on over on Tapestry – it seems to have settled down a bit now. Here is the link for the Oxford Owls website – please do continue to use it, it is a fantastic resource for sharing books with your child. Here is the link to their home page, remember you need to be logged in to access the books.

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