Week commencing – 06.07.2020 – Rainbow Fish

Hello everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend! It has been a busy week in preschool. The children have planted some beans and with help of water they have really started to grow nicely. I cannot wait to see how tall they grow.

This week is all based on the story Rainbow Fish! This is one of my favourites! The Rainbow Fish learns lots of important things in the story.

If you have the book at home please get your grown up to read it or you can watch it using the link below:


  1. When rainbow fish does not share his scales he becomes lonely as the other fish think he is unkind. What does it mean to be lonely? How do you think you would feel to be lonely? What could you do to make you feel happier? In the story, Rainbow fish becomes kind by sharing his beautiful scales with the other fish in the ocean. What does it mean to be kind? What could you do to be kind? What makes you a kind friend? 
  2. Can you sing nursery rhymes? Can you sing them all by yourself? Can you get your grown up to take a video of you singing your favourite one and post it on to tapestry for us to see.
  3. Look at the front cover of the book before reading it. Talk about the title. In a full sentence can you talk about what you can see on the front cover? What do you think the story will be about? Can you talk about what happened in the story of Rainbow Fish? Can you retell the story? In the story, Rainbow fish has beautiful scales. Can you think of another name for his beautiful scales and use the sentence “Rainbow Fish has…….. The Rainbow Fish is described as beautiful because of his scales. What other words could you describe the Rainbow Fish as instead of beautiful? Can you put your word into a sentence? 
  4. We would really like it if you could practice writing your name. Think about where each letter needs to start. The first letter in your name is an upper case letter but all the other letters are lowercase. Maybe if you need a little bit of help your grown up could model how they form each letter on a separate piece of paper.
  5. Can you create your very own Rainbow creature? The Rainbow fish is extremely colourful and has shiny scales. What could you use to create something shiny on your rainbow creature?     
  6. Here are some dices if you have a dice you can use that or use the dice here. Either using a dice if you have one, roll it and get the children to count how many spots they have. After a little while see if they can recognise how many spots there are without having to count. If you don’t have a dice then use the ones below and ask them to find the dice face with 1 spot, 2 spot and so on. 
  7. Learn the song 5 little fishes5 little fishes swimming near the shore, 

    1 took a dive and then there was 4 

    4 little fishes swimming near the shore, 

    1 took a dive and then there was 3 

    3 little fishes swimming near the shore, 

    1 took a dive and then there was 2 

    2 little fishes swimming near the shore, 

    1 took a dive and then there was 1 

    1 little fishes swimming near the shore, 

    1 took a dive and then there was 0

    We hope you enjoy learning all about Rainbow Fish. We look forward to see you seeing all your lovely work and videos on tapestry! Keep up the hard work everybody!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Crane & Mrs Allen



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