Reception home learning Thursday 3rd December

It’s Thursday! We have a very busy day for you today – but I think you will enjoy it! Thank you to all the grown ups that are sending in postive feedback about the work we are setting – it’s really great for us to hear, it’s a bit strange for us all – but hearing and seeing what the children are doing at home really does keep us going. Have a great day!


Phonics for those childre who sit on Mrs O’Hagan’s carpet –

Phonics for all other children-


Literacy – Rhyming

Being able to rhyme helps with sound manipulation in phonics.  If your child can already rhyme then then challenge them to write out some rhyming strings e.g. mat – cat- bat – sat


Literacy – Writing

Children, I found the elves this morning and they had some name cards like all of yours. The only problem is they haven’t got any names to practise! Could you think of a name for each of the elves and write it down for them? I will put all the names out on Sunday night and see which ones they choose. We can’t have two Reception elves with no name can we?!


Today I have a subitising starter for you, we love subitising at school and it is a really important and useful skill for the children to develop. Its a great thing to practice any time!

Some more part-part whole addition activities for you set by Ms Wareing.  If you don’t have any dice at home then could you please draw the dice faces on 6 bits of paper and then choose 2 at random to complete.  Some children will need to count all the items in both bottom parts but if able to, you could encourage your child to count on – that is start with a number in their head and then count on e.g. instead of 3 and 6 is 9 123….456789, to start with 3 and count on 456789

Understanding the World

Watch this short video – it tells us some of the reasons that some animals are nocturnal – listen carefully and see if you can find out…

Did you hear what the bush baby has?

What about the hedgehog?

Why does the coyote sleep all day?

You might have to watch more than once to get all the answers!

Physical – If you still have your playdoh then I challenge you to make yourself sausages and peas!

Now – children I am missing doing this in the mornings – can you join in with me?

If you can’t make storytime – here is Mrs Cieslik with Hansel and Gretel – she reads it in English and Polish


Have a wonderful day at home everyone, thanks to coming to our registers and storytimes – we are missing you lots.

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