Reception Home Learning Monday 22nd February

Welcome back home schoolers – we hope you and your families had a lovely half term break and are feeling refreshed and ready for 2 more weeks of learning at home.  We do appreciate that is difficult to keep up the momentum so we have tried to make this week very practical in maths and in literacy a focus on comprehension rather than writing.  Hopefully this will ease the children back in without having to do lots of writing or recording.  As a reminder, if your child is struggling, please do work at their pace and if they cannot complete everything then please do try and do the daily phonics and reading – these will take no longer than 40 minutes.  Please also try to make the zoom register so that we can see the children and it is so helpful if you can post some of their work up for us to see.  When we do return please can you send their packs, phonics resources and any work completed on paper back into school.

Thank you.

So, as always lets start with phonics before we find out what we will be learning about this week.

Group A

This week the children will be focussing on polysyllabic words i.e. words with more than one syllable.  If this is too much of a challenge please revisit the phonics for week commencing 8th February.

Group B

This week the children will be introduced to the concept of ‘2 letters-1 sound’ as in zz, sh or ch.  If this is too much of a challenge, please do the session below which is focussing on sentences.

Group C

This week the focus is on writing sentences.


The reading this week is focussing on comprehension.  Many young children learn to decode words – i.e. say the sounds and read the words, before they actually understand what they mean.  This week’s reading is on a separate blog page – I have suggested where to start but they get increasingly harder so go up and down the list depending on how your child copes.  As well as reading, they need to point to the picture that corresponds to what they have read to demonstrate their understanding.


Please click on the globe to find out where we are going this week!

All week we will be reading books for the children to listen to and then re-reading and asking questions about what has been read.  So they need to be actively listening to the book and the questions asked.  

There are 2 videos for this lesson – in the first I read the book through.  The second time I stop and ask questions to check the children’s comprehension.  

So first, listen to the story.

And now answer the questions to see how well you were listening.


This week in maths we are going to try to learn how to count in 2s.  We can all count in 1s now so we are progressing to counting in 2s.  We are also going to do lots of lovely practical maths measuring the  length and height of objects. 

Starter – counting in 2s

Main – Measuring height

A practical activity to look at the height of things.  After watching the video please can you get some items eg. toys, food packets or footwear and challenge your child to line them up in height order using the language tallest, taller, shorter and shortest.

Physical Development and Understanding the World.

This week we will be learning about Africa and it’s animals.  Mrs Henderson has some exercises to get you to balance and move like some of these animals and birds.  This is by far my favourite PE lesson we have posted to I hope you enjoy it!

First of all…can you recognise all the animals that you are going to pretend to be?  See how many you know and tell your grown up.

Flamingo                                      Giraffe                             Lion


Penguin                                                  Lizard


Hippopotamus                                          Monkey                                                          Elephant                                       


Bear                                                                    Crab                                                 Cheetah


Lizard                                                     Alligator                                                      Snake



Understanding the World

Mrs Henderson is finding out about the clothes that people wear in Africa.  Have a look and see whether they are the same or different to the clothes that you wear.

And here is a video so some wonderful traditional clothes from Africa.


All week we will listen to stories that have animals or people from Africa in them – the first is about a little monkey and it is set in the jungle.  Look out for all the African animals.

Well, I think this is going to be a very exciting week – I am already learning lots of new things about Africa and we have lots of amazing books to share with you this week.  See you on the register tomorrow.

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