Home learning for Wednesday 25th November

Dear Parents,

The children had their phonics session today and tomorrow we will provide a recorded phonics session for them.

Please do not start the phonics booklet in their resources pack yet, we will advise you when to begin and what to complete. Thank you!

For this afternoon we have a maths activity for the children.

We usually begin our maths sessions with a short starter, today if you have your number sheet, cut out the numbers and ask your child to put them in order from 1 to 5 and if they are able to do that, then 1- 10.

We then do the main part of our maths session: Last week we began learning about number bonds to 10. These are two numbers that you add together to make 10. I used Shreddies for this, you can use anything that you have at home, buttons, cereal, toy cars…

Start with 10 items together on one piece of paper or card, or a plate:

Ask the children to move one item at a time to another sheet of paper and see how many there are on each side. Encourage them to say the number bond out loud:

  So in this instance, 9 and 1 make 10. then, 8 and 2 make 10.

Continue moving one at a time until they have found and said aloud all the number bonds to 10.

If children are confident to they can record their number bonds like this:

Please check back here tomorrow for more home learning and make sure you look at the two previous posts on home learning and teaching phonics at home. If you have any questions or need any support please email us on reception@lingsprimary.org.uk

Here’s a story for bedtime.

Many thanks,

The Reception Team


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