Northamptonshire Sport Virtual School Games Week 4- Cardio Fitness

Northamptonshire Sport have relaunched their virtual school games challenges. Each Monday Northamptonshire Sport will select one sport and create three challenges which you can complete at home or at school. Every attempt you make will earn the school 1 point and you can have multiple attempts to earn more points. However, to claim these points you will need to send your scores (with a video if you so wish) to so we can collate the attempts and send them over to Northamptonshire Sport so they can allocate our points for the week.

This weeks chosen sport is Cardio Fitness and below is the demo video from Northamptonshire Sport to show you how to complete the challenges.

Remember pupils, parents and siblings can all attempt the challenges, so you can make this a family activity. If you look on our social media pages or on the blogs later in the week you will see lots of our teachers attempting the three challenges. Can you beat your teachers scores? Let’s have another big push this week and ‘Set the Standard’ like we always do. Have fun!

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