Monday 1st June – Year 6

Morning Year 6, I hope you had a nice half term and managed to have a rest. Let’s get started on another week of learning!


Answer the following question:

How are you feeling?

Things you could talk about:

  • Covid-19
  • Coming back to school or not coming back to school
  • Not doing SATs
  • Going to secondary school.

Be honest and send me it by e-mail if you would prefer.


First, have a look at the vocabulary for today:

Receded – move back or further away.

Riled – make someone annoyed or irritated.

Mirth – amusement.

Curtly – briefly rude.

Humorous – causing laughter and amusement.

Lurched – make an uncontrolled movement.


Now read the text:


The call came from the base of the tower and made Hark jump. It was the voice he knew best in the world, and it filled him with relief. Jelt was alive and well. Of course he was.

A moment later, the wave of relief receded, and a weight settled on his heart. He felt an odd temptation to pretend not to hear, just for a few moments more.

‘Oi, Hark!’ The tower shook as somebody below slammed his fist into it twice.

Hark turned and looked. There was Jelt, standing below on the wharf. It was strange looking down on him like that. He was two years older than Hark, and had always been taller, but over the last three years life had grabbed him by the ankles and head and stretched him. It had left him lean, raw, and angry about it. Even when he was motionless or calm, you could sense that anger snaking off him. As usual, his expression was distracted but intense, as if listening to the world whispering something that riled him. You always had the feeling that there was a problem, and maybe you weren’t it, but you might become it if you didn’t tread carefully.

Jelt raised his hand and gave a quick, fierce beckon.

Hark hesitated a moment, conflicted, then gave the merchant an uneasy smile, and waved back at Jelt.

‘Good to see you!’ he called down to his friend. ‘I’ll talk to you later, all right?’ He gave a brief, meaningful glance in the direction of the merchant. Not now, Jelt. I’ve got a prospect here.

Jelt shook his head.

‘You need to come right now.’

‘You’re joking!’ hissed Hark.

‘Come on!’ Jelt slammed his hand into the wood of the tower again. ‘We need to hurry!’

There were protests from the other people perched on the tower. Hark gritted his teeth and apologised to the merchant, promising to find him later, then scrambled down the ladder. A moment later, he was shoving his way through the crowd in his friend’s wake. Somehow Hark always found himself neck deep in Jelt’s latest plan. It was as though he’d signed up for it in his sleep.

‘I had that continenter hooked!’ protested Hark as the two of them hurried up the stone steps of a priest-track to one of the beacon cliffs. ‘Why couldn’t this wait until I’d reeled him in?’

Jelt gave a snort of mirth.

‘You’re just angry because I dragged you away from your girlfriend!’ he said. It was an old joke of his that Hark had a crush on the idea of the Hidden Lady. ‘Such a romantic. Oh, don’t sulk. I told you we were doing another job today!’

‘Where were you this morning, then?’ demanded Hark. ‘I waited for hours!’

‘Staying out of someone’s way,’ Jelt answered curtly.

Jelt was much in demand these days. Cold-eyed people came looking for him – and not to shake his hand. Sometimes it was the governor’s men, sometimes other people who didn’t give their names. It had been happening ever since that night on the mudflats  – the night Hark and Jelt never talked about. Hark sensed that Jelt was almost daring him to ask about it now. He did not take the bait.

‘You lost them?’ he asked instead.

‘Yeah,’ said Jelt, no longer in a humorous mood. ‘Hurry it up, will you?’

Events had a current, and Hark didn’t believe in fighting currents. Using them, playing with them, letting them push you slantwise to somewhere that might serve your turn, yes. Fighting them flat out, no. The current that was Jelt pulled him along more than any other. Somehow Hark couldn’t slip or slide or shoot off sideways and still pretend he was doing what Jelt wanted, the way he could with anybody else.

I don’t want to anyway, he told himself firmly. Jelt is family. He knew better than to trust anything he told himself, though.

There were four figures waiting near the top of the hill, in the shelter of one of the lookout towers. Hark’s heart lurched as he recognized their leader, a woman in her late thirties, with a bitter, thoughtful mouth, and a thick mottling of freckles that covered her face and arms, and even the scalp beneath her close-cropped hair. Dotta Rigg’s reckless, cut-throat smuggling runs filled Lady’s Cravers with both alarm and an odd pride. Her five children could get free drinks anywhere on the island, even the younger ones, and only partly due to fear.

Hark had heard older hands talking of Rigg with trepidation and contempt, combined with bafflement at her success. She’s heading for a fall. Too chancy, doesn’t listen to anyone. Who the abyss wants to be a famous smuggler?

‘Captain Rigg,’ said Hark, hoping to sound confident but respectful. Whatever madness Jelt had got them into, he had better act as if he could handle it.


Now try these questions:

  • Why do think Hark might have pretended to hear Jelt?
  • What impression do you get of Jelt? Use evidence from the text.
  • What suggests that Jelt is feeling anxious about something?
  • Using this part of the text, what could you say about Jelt and Hark’s relationship?
  • How does Hark feel about Dotta Rigg? How do you know?
  • Find and copy a group of words that suggest that people are scared of Dotta Rigg.
  • ‘he had better act as if he could handle it.’ What does the author mean by this?



This week’s maths will cover some important skills and some puzzles that will require logical thinking.

First task:

Complete this multiplication table:

Times tables grid

Now check your answers:

Times table answers

Second task:

Complete this arithmetic crossword

SATs crossword

Now check your answers

Crossword answers

Third task:

Now challenge yourself to some challenges on TT Rockstars. You may see some of your classmates there!



Today we are going to learn about an artist called Wassily Kadinsky.

First, have a look at this video:

Next, have a look through this PowerPoint. Play particular attention to the examples of work.


Your task is to complete a piece of art in the style of Wassily Kadinsky.



Here is this week’s Real PE at home lesson for your child to complete. Below we have given you the web address to use as well as the username and password to access the resource. We have also given you a step by step guide on where to access this week’s lesson.

Congratulations to last week’s winners EARTH. Can you win two weeks in a row or will a new house win this week?

Web Address:
Password: lingsprima

  • Step 1: Sign in using the above information
  • Step 2: Scroll down the page and select KS2 option found in the middle of the page.
  • Step 3: Watch Day 1 Video, which explains the lesson
  • Step 4: Click on the activities below to see the instructions for the activity and navigate through the task.
  • Step 5: Repeat step 4 for each of the activities

You will have one week to login and complete the lesson. You can try the activities as many times as you would like, and you can split the activities across the week. Remember every activity you do will earn a point for your house and we will have a house winner at the end of each week. So, we can assign your points make sure to send either a picture, video or score to We would also like to share some of these on our social media channels, so children can see their friends are participating and inspire others to join in the fun. Therefore, when you send your pictures/ videos please let us know if we have permission to do so.

Have fun with this week’s challenges and let’s see which house wins.

If you have any questions or difficulties accessing Jasmine feel free to contact the PE Department on their email,

Other tasks that you could do today:

Other tasks you could do today:



3 thoughts on “Monday 1st June – Year 6

  • 1st June 2020 at 10:45 am

    The coronavirus is getting worse and worse every week and it’s getting boring really fast can’t wait till its over but the thing is when I go home there is nothing to do and I can’t go out side or anything all I do when I go home Is sleep eat and gaming because there is nothing else to do..

    I’m feeling okay but still boring.

    I’m feeling fine about the SATs..
    I honestly don’t know how I feel about going to secondary.

  • 1st June 2020 at 12:02 pm

    I’m scared of covid-19 because Indo not want to get it and I’m scared of going back to school

  • 2nd June 2020 at 4:47 pm

    Covid 19 is effecting a lot of people, but for me I’m
    worried about missing out on my SATS and missing out on the rest of year 6 I also wish I could still go outside to play but I can’t do that anymore and I can’t visit my friends and family and I wish that there was no more coronavirus.


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